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Okay so as promised here are the shoes that took me from Ireland to Libya....(Shipship, is the Libyan (dialect) for Shoes)
They are a bit scruffy, as I wore them a LOT here during my first 5 months. My Mother In Law just bought me a new pair last month, MashAllah. I think she was worried they would fall apart LOL. 
I love these shoes... I bought them years ago, for 3Euro (that is cheap) in a shop , in Cork , called ''The Modern'' A very famous shop in cork. I originally bought them to go with a Chinese dress my best friend Aisha gave me.......But I never had a chance to wear it/ or them.
I chose to wear these shoes to Libya, as they are easy to slip on/off....and I was going through 3 busy for security check.. hehehehee ...Otherwise I am sure I would of chosen a more glamorous shoe .
Incidentally, they are the shoes I wore to the Libyan courts, where they gave me a ''letter'' saying I was indeed Muslim, Alhomdolelah, the shoes I wore when I got married here AGAIN,(3 times to the same man ...Libyan Law!!!!) . So these shoes got me my Residency in Libya.
As you put it ''My Friends'' and have taken me places alright...... I love my scruffy shipship :) JazackAllah Khair for the opportunity to share sis.

Ps. I really enjoyed this was great Therapy. I feel a little bit happier now reminiscing about the good things.

Love and salams

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Salma says:
at: Monday, April 26, 2010 said...

Salam alaikum Khedegah, when you return from your one month pause I hope you will be in high spirits.

Thanks so much for taking me on this part of your journey. To think I read your blog for (how long?) and I didn't know you got married to the same guy so many time, LOL.

Khedegah says:
at: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 said...

Wa Alai Kom Salam,

My dear sis, thank you so much for letting me in on the experience . I loved looking back on it. It made me more thankful that I am here.

LOL yes 3 times.......en sha Allah I will not have to marry him more then that LOL.What can I say RED TAPE!!!!!

BTW Said husband suprised me , by coming home early....well he is here for a few days, and then away for two more weeks...NOw I bet his shoes could tell a story LOL

Ma Saloma Sis,

Love and Salams
Khedegah xxxx

on the edge says:
at: Thursday, May 06, 2010 said...

Loved this post and this blog ! When I 1st came to Libya , my FIL bought me 4 pairs of shop shop and told me to chose one . He didn't like me wearing regular shoes while PG . He was afraid I would break my neck in them , lol .I think about them a lot for some reason .They were green and white . They turned out to be one of my fav. shoes of all time .

Salma says:
at: Friday, May 07, 2010 said...

Khedegah, I am glad you got a nice surprise. I felt so bad that your submission was posted on the day you were off line, how likely?! Anyways glad to have you back, for a few days at least.

Salma says:
at: Friday, May 07, 2010 said...

OTE. you were wearing heels when pg? MY inlaws would not offer me shoes, they would probably just throw my shoes away and force me to beg for new ones.

I wish you still had those shoes and we could do a side by side with Khedegah's.

Salam sis.

Khedegah says:
at: Friday, September 12, 2014 said...

Yikes 2010 !!!!! So much has happened so much has changed yet do much stayed the same Alhomdolelah.
Re-reading that actually made me very sad.
I lost contact with "on the edge " just after the war....Aisha well it is a random txt here abd there......the husband still the husband Alhomdolelah. ....but Khedegah is not the same oh the tears are coming. .......the last 5 years changed me. I think it is fair to say I have gone yhrough more in those 5 years than most ppl do in their whole lives
But ALHOMDOLELAH YOU are still blogging and I will again en sha Allah....

Oh wow that was emotional. reading a post from someone else xxxx

Khedegah says:
at: Friday, September 12, 2014 said...

Oh and the flag has vhanged Alhomdolelah heheheh

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