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My wedding shoes

Since I wore them that day, they've been sitting on a pedestal of sorts. Not intentionally, I just have not found the fit to wear them again. But everyday I pass them and I look at them and smile, as my hands graze over them, picking up another.

They remind me of a beginning and each time I feel the need to be inspired even if things are rough, because they remind me that this is a journey.

A life journey

It's funny that I didn't even think too much about this before, but they do keep me inspired. I was a bit naive about being married, but now I am learning that it's battle at play and it is worth fighting for and enjoying. When we can't stand on our own, we pray that God will fight for us.

These soles are beautiful and they are mine. And even if I wear them down to the heel, I'll still put them somewhere I can see and keep them to remind me, that even when this path get's rough and I can barely stand on my own. There will be smoother surfaces.

This too will pass.

There will be dances and weddings and graduations and dinners and everywhere and nowhere to attend.

And in the end, we'll fade and cease to exist, as it should be.

It's life's journey.

My journey in or out of my soles.

~ 3 Beautiful footprints: ~

Salma says:
at: Friday, March 26, 2010 said...

Hmm, all of life is a journey.
You said: "I am learning that it's battle at play and it is worth fighting for and enjoying."

I think about this when it comes to parenting, marriage, work commitments, everything.

Thanks for sharing this with us Callie.

P.S. Any chance your daughter will be wearing those shoes in the future?

JamericanSpice says:
at: Saturday, April 17, 2010 said...

It depends on how the fashion goes and if they do last that long :) But we never know do we, because children grow up so fast and suddenly they are wearing mommy's stuff :)

Thank you for letting me be apart of this.

I hope you are feeling better.

Nurul says:
at: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 said...

This is a lovely post. One of my friends said she always look at her wedding shoes everytime she's not happy with her hubby. It reminds her of her wedding day and how blessed she felt that day when her hubby took the aqad oath to accept her as his wife and she cried of happiness. It made her feels so much better just by looking at the shoes and remember that moment. shoes. Always different =). Well.... =)

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