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Sole Sister: TATYANA
Calgary, Canada

I wanted to share the shoes that rescued and healed me when I walked out of my abusive marriage. It's been too many years, I don't have these shoes anymore, but for some reason I can't forget them. 

I walked out of a marriage that I thought would end my life. I didn't think the marriage would end my life, but the person I was married to swore he would. The day that I left, I had no real plans of leaving, I thought I would take my kids and sort things out. I had no idea what that meant, I just needed to go.

I grabbed a few things and looked back at my house thinking, maybe, things will change, I will be back. Those shoes took me on a better path and I never returned to that marriage. They were nothing special to look at, and they were not as clean as the ones in the picture, but thinking about that day, I feel they made all the difference.

I just want to say that they did not have magical powers. They did not heal me. But they took me to a place where I could heal. That was all I needed.

Thank you for having me as a sole sister.

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Salma says:
at: Saturday, May 15, 2010 said...

T, you are one of the bravest and most inspiring sisters that I have. Lopve you for the sake of Allah and happy to know you are in a better place.

Stephanie says:
at: Saturday, May 15, 2010 said...

I understand the connection to shoes and strength. Long ago, I used to only wear sturdy and strong Doc Marten type shoes. I distrusted wimpy shoes and thought that they might fail me when I needed them most. Still do, actually.

Salma says:
at: Saturday, May 15, 2010 said...

Stephanie you are right on, how in the world do our experiences seem so simple, yet, when we look at it from another angle, a piece of us is in each and every little thing that we do.

Nurul says:
at: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 said...

I actually cried when I read this just now. My tears just suddenly came out slowly. How big of a woman and how strong she is to walk away from this type of marriage? I know a lot of women who just couldn;t walk away. They keep making excuses for their hubbies. MashaAllah. I'm happy coz u did the right thing, sis. Huggy~

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