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I actually had a similar pair of sandals which I loved. Instead of sequences, they had stones. I always buy shoes based on how they look on my feet and if they make my feet look good, I buy them and not soley on how they look in a shop or window. I remember wearing it at university and one of my juniors mentioned how pretty my feet look which made me feel great. A friend of mine confirmed and said that the junior has a foot fetish (who knew I'd meet one) and if they say I have nice feet, they mean it.
Unfortunately, the shoes didn't last and part of it started to break, a stone fell out and so I ended up buying these which make my feet feel just as pretty. I do miss the old ones but these, fortunately, are also more comfortable so it's a win-win.
I usually reserve them for special occasions like Eid. They are very simple but very pretty at the same time. MashaAllah. :)

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Salma says:
at: Sunday, May 30, 2010 said...

Thanks dear sis for sharing your beautiful slippers. I tend to buy shoes with little stones as well, and they do fall out... I think these are a good choice.

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