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Sole Sister: ANGIE
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California, USA

These must be the ugliest shoes I’ve ever worn. But I loved them!  I received them as a Christmas gift in 2006 from my husband. They were the worst and best gift I ever received.

That Christmas we were living in a small 1 bedroom apartment. My husband had his first bone marrow transplant that year, and money was really tight. I wasn’t even expecting a gift ….as I was the only one working.  I worked as a photographer at Picture People…so I was jumping up and down trying to make babies and kids laugh all day…I would go home with my feet aching.  I wanted new shoes but always replaced my son’s items instead of my own. Well my husband and son (River) started saving change a few months before Christmas.

River told Marcel that they will save the change I leave on table when I come home from work every night, and put it in a can (I never pay with change I just always put it aside or my son would take it, I never thought anything of it)….well I was surprised to see the most ugly but comfortable shoes wrapped for me on Christmas!

These shoes have been through a lot. They took me to work everyday, and were with me during my husbands 2nd BMT.  They were with me when I heard my husband’s cancer was in remission…and also with me when I found out my husbands cancer has returned.
I now hate these shoes and I wish I threw them away a long time ago! Maybe then the misery I was going through at that time would have disappeared with them.  Even though I haven’t worn them for over a year…I saved them for…honestly I have no idea.

I appreciate the manner they were given to me…..and all they took me through…but today I’m going to put them in the dumpster…and maybe next month will be better than this month.

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SALMA says:
at: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 said...

I can see why these shoes are important to you Angie. Thanks for sharing with us.

Frances McAuliffe says:
at: Saturday, October 18, 2014 said...

Oh wow.....what a beautiful thing your sin and husband did
What a journey....Hugs xxxx

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