Sole Sisters on the Street~ March 2010

This student was studying in the hall as I walked by. She was so lovely and gracious and shared her excitement to see her pics on my blog. "I bought these boots in China for $ 15.00", she said. I could tell that she was a real fashionista.

This student/Activist loves heels, and told me that she feels very comfortable, even when walking for long periods of time in her heels. Wow. That was me, 5 years ago.

Don't these boots look cosy? This young lady had the tiniest feet, they were so cute in her boots, I just had to ask for a picture. She bought her shoes in China as well, they were undoubtedly cheaper there than they would have been in Canada. Very Cute.

"I bought these shoes in China", was this stylish young lady's response to my usual, "where did you get your shoes"?  
Can you believe it? I had to call my friend from China and tell her about all these great shoes that I am seeing on the street that are from, (you guess it), CHINA. She laughed and told me that this is not a big deal to someone who can shop there. I guess not. I want to go to China, just to shop for shoes.

This young lady was holding a bike helmet, so naturally I looked down at her shoes as she walked towards me. She does indeed ride in these comfy shoes. I also noticed her skirt, which was was so funky, I gave this one a 10 on the spot.

This young lady was enjoying the sun and reading a book as I passed by. I liked the simple look of her shoes, and loved the way she folded the jeans into her shoes. She was a bit shy because she said her shoes were not clean. What? These were shoes that served a purpose. I loved her feet in them. I told her that I wanted to capture the moment, and shoes that are worn for comfort are always a hit.

These gorgeous ladies were walking and chatting, as I was minding my own business. On the other hand, I was peering down at their shoes. I finally stopped them and asked them for a photo, and was shocked to find two beautiful young women who looked identical.  I literally stopped in mid-sentence and asked them if they were twins, which was so obvious.

They were so gracious and lovely. I took a shot each, and then some shots of them together. Totally stylish, in my book.

I was looking for lunch, and instead I found this young lady holding the door of the store refrigerator while I tried to pull out a bottle of mango juice. How nice, I didn't even ask for assistance. So, I did what any Sole Sister would do, I asked for a pic of her shoes.

Her whole attire was lovely, and her shoes just topped it off.

This young lady, a Clerk and Tutor, told me that she only dresses for comfort. These shoes were special order, made for her feet, and are so comfortable that she has a pair of boots to match for the winter season.

This beautiful young lady has so much spirit. She loves to make people laugh, and had me cracking up as she posed for my random shots. How is this for style? I love the colour scheme of these Timberlands, it is not very common for the women timbs, so I think they are getting a bit more creative.

This was a shot I could not miss. This sister was rushing, but stopped and allowed me to take some shots. She got her shoes at Aldo, but I didn't ask the price. They fit her feet perfectly, and the colour scheme is something I would do.

The change in the weather has been wondeful all around, but I can't help but appreciate the sisters who are rocking awesome boots with simple light outfits. I wish you all could see this young lady's jacket, it was marvelous, and tied right in with the skinny jeans and tall boots.

I may be biased, but Toronto is one stylish city. Everywhere I turn there's a gorgeous sister in a pair of shoes that I just have to get a snap of. I was exiting a store, minding my own business, and I ran right into these two gorgeous sisters. Naturally I looked down and asked right away if I could take a shot or two, or a few.

These sisters were totally down to earth...the sun was shining and they just looked ready for the warm weather. What I love about this set is the difference in style. Take a Look!

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