Sole Sisters on the Street April 2010

I was running errands without the thought of shoes or anything else on my mind, when I ran into this lovely young lady and her gorgeous shoes. It is official, some of the MOST gorgeous shoes come from Hong Kong. I love these shoes, the heels are just right, and the light/dark contrasts are an added touch.

As I was coming back from the bank I spotted this lovely lady, and I was naturally drawn to her feet, of course. She had on SMs, but I had to confirm, so I asked her. She was worried that her toes were not polished...aren't her feet lovely in these sandals?

My love for Steve is once again realized, I will have to stay away from the stores.

These shoes were perfect for this young lady as she had been walking through the rain on a not so nice wet morning.

"Je veux prendre une photo, de vos chaussures" I said on the busy sidewalk as I was on my way to lunch. I came across this lovely young lady who spoke few enough English to let me know she did not speak English, French only. 

"C'est bon.." I said, "je parle le Francais...". And that was that. I loved her shoes enough to try a pathetic stab at French, which I never do outside unless forced to.

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Dream It Up Cookies says:
at: Sunday, July 04, 2010 said...

I love the last ones! Rainbow neon is my favorite!

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