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I’ll be the first to admit that as a self-professed shoe-aholic this assignment had me worried. Which one of my many stilettos, platforms, and sandals hot shoes would I choose? Surely they all said a little something, something about me. However, as I dug through my closet, under my bed and in the trunk of my car I couldn’t find one that inspired me to write. Then one rainy day I had to go on the road and I slid my feet into my flats and it hit me, this was the shoe.
I mused on the similarities I shared with these flats and what they represented to me. They are low maintenance, durable, up for anything and though filled with holes they remain comfortable. On more than one occasion I have referred to them as “Old Faithful”.  I bought them at an Old Navy in Miami during a mad dash to the airport and they’ve been with me ever since. It’s out-lived many a 5th Avenue shoe and it just keeps going and going. Have no doubt, ask any of my friends I wear these shoes with anything to almost every occasion (much to their chagrin). In many ways they represent the comfort and ease I love in life. They also represent my stick and stay personality i.e. once I find something that works I stick to it.
The Shoot
It was earlier in the year and I had recently walked off a job. It wasn’t the most financially sound move BUT I felt it was the right move and for that I was content. Nevertheless, three months down the line my bank account was starting to hurt really bad. I had to move back in with my parents and started re-evaluating my life. It was a rough time and the freelancing was not going well. However, as luck would have it one of the photographers that had worked for me in the past called and asked if I wanted to assist him on a shoot. It was an immediate YES.
I sat down and I mused on how the tables had turned and how by my living good I was being helped in return. Immediately I remembered a saying we have down here in Jamaica “Good fren better than pocket money”. The day of the shoot I found out it was a local sponsor shoot for the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt. It’s funny, that day as I made sure the crew had water , I observed him and his playfulness and noted he was very respectful a characteristic that made me proud. It inspired me in more ways than one to see a fellow Jamaican so humble. 

Many say that Usain Bolt came out of the blue but his talent was honed with alot of hardwork, dedication and home grown Jamaican food. I left that shoot in my favourite ballet flats, very tired but also inspired to succeed. I wanted to be like Usain Bolt and my shoes i.e. underestimated at first but destined to surprise and forever.
I can only hope that I am like them in that exact way. Quietly sitting in a corner, durable, spontaneous and ready to stand up to any challenge. 

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JamericanSpice says:
at: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 said...

It's really nice to meet you. I'll have to visit your blog.

I enjoyed reading your sole spill and it was nice to learn that Usain is a wonderful character. You don't always find that in the stars.

And your flats look really comfy. A mother's best friend :)

Kelly says:
at: Saturday, July 31, 2010 said...

One of the reasons why I like this site so much is the opportunity to meet all you wonderful ladies :)
Loved your post Chelan, and I love it when things turn out (or at least when we are able to see them turn out).

Corine says:
at: Sunday, August 01, 2010 said...

Way cool... I love how you tied your shoes in with the way you want to live your life (of course... being on this blog and all... :O ~ :D).

That was a great story! Wouldn't it be great if we all surprise those who underestimate us... including ourselves! :D ~ I'm a hoper and a dreamer - guilty and loving it!

Chelan says:
at: Monday, August 02, 2010 said...

Thanks guys! It was an awesome experience looking back and knowing that following your heart can in fact have a good ending. It also helped me appreciate the friends I often take for granted. To Corine I dedicate Langston Hughes "Dreams" <- there's nothing wrong with dreaming. Usain was a humble spirit and oftentimes we get inspiration from least suspecting places :) thanks again guys

Sole Sister Salma says:
at: Monday, August 09, 2010 said...

Thanks for making us reflect Chelan...great post, and nics pics.

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