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The shoes that I thought I'd write about are my black satin pointe shoes. I started learning ballet at the age of 6 and I instantly fell in love with the art - it was as if I was meant to dance. Over the years, however, due to moving overseas and relocations across the country, it's been very start-stop for my passion. I stopped dancing for about 5 years during high-school and never thought I'd put on my ballet shoes again until I was persuaded by a friend to take it up once more in grade 12.

It was at 17 that I first put on a pair of pointe shoes. Usually girls start pointe at 11 or 12, so I was a terribly late starter. However, it was an instant bond. I loved my pointe shoes. Despite the fact that they squished my toes and that at one point I lost my 2 big toenails to a 2 hour long rehearsal, I loved them. I even put them on at home I loved them so much. They were so much fun!

I found this pair online for just $12 one day - $12!! A cheap pair of pointes cost about $90 usually so I was stoked. Even though they were a brand I didn't know, and therefore used a different sizing system, I bought them anyway, just because they were black satin. Not spraypainted, actual black satin. So it was to my surprise that when I finally got them in the mail, I found that they fit me perfectly and were actually the most comfortable pointe shoes I had ever worn! I used them as little as possible as a normal pair only last a year at most, but sadly, I had to sideline them last year as they had finally broken.

Still, I will never throw them out because they are my favourite pair, and even though I do very little dancing anymore, I still have a very special place in my heart for ballet.  

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Kelly says:
at: Tuesday, July 20, 2010 said...

Oh every little girl wants to be a ballerina, I was no different, although I believe my hopes were dashed at 5, lol! No pointe shoes for me, although I believe I had a pink tutu I was very fond of :) Thanx for sharing your story, they are a beautiful pair of shoes :)

Sole Sister Salma says:
at: Monday, August 09, 2010 said...

I agree with Kelly, every girl wants to be a ballerina, or have the grace of one at least.

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